European Association of Strength Training Strategies

European Association of Therapeutic Strength Training

European Association of Strength Training System

For a long time, The American College of Sports Medicine – ACSM – has been showing that health is directly associated to the individual’s aerobic capacity, muscular flexibility and strength.

The common expressions quoted by the ACSM are Strength Training and Resistive Training, the latter actually meaning a strength training modality.

Several studies have shown the benefits of “resistive training” when it comes to improve body composition and to balance the human hormonal/metabolic relations.

The STS system is a way to perform physical exercises and its fundamentals can be used in several different fields of the sciences that guide the human movement.


This way we can highlight, among these Sciences, Physical Therapy and Physical Education for the purpose these professional fields are intended for.

Physical Therapy making use of the STS for “therapeutic purposes” and Physical Education for “physical training” goals.




  • Concepts


Any kind of physical exercises that can improve or recover the physical-functional parameters are useful to the human being and they can be considered therapeutic. It is under this pillar that the commonly exercise modality known as Therapeutic Strength Training Strategies is performed.


The expression Strength Training, which means “muscle action”, is usually misunderstood with physical exercises with weights. This leads to a general comprehension that Strength Training is exclusively used for bodybuilding or skeletal muscle hypertrophy. Any technique that performs “muscle action”, that offers enough resistance to the movement, to physical-functional recovery, athletic maintenance or upgrading can be understood as strength training.